Our approach to day care is a bit different than other facilities. Everything in our facility is designed to engage
children, providing them plenty of space along with stimulation and secure interaction.
Whether learning to move their bodies or involved in interactive play with other toddlers,
the children at our daycare center are given the encouragement and support needed to grow.

Infants (6 Months to 17 Months)

Babies need plenty of rest as well as affectionate care. With a high caregiver to infant ratio, your baby will receive constant monitoring and all the needed attention.

Toddlers (18 Months to 4 Years)

Exploring is important for a toddler. At Kids Run Around Daycare, the kids run around!  With our great layout and soft floors, kids can safely exercise their muscles and develop coordination.  We provide the encouragement and support needed for toddlers to gain independence while interacting with others.

A Nurturing Approach to Your Child's Growth