Hi, I'm Steve, a household member and a member of the Kids Run Around team.  I have all the OCFS clearances, database checks, Health & Safety/CPR training etc.  My main role is to build and maintain a safe environment at Kids Run Around.  I take much satisfaction from the facility that Victoria and I created -- from the marvelous soft floors inside and in the backyard, to the fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and safety plans, to our terrific team and educational toys and everything in between.


I spend a day or two per week at Kids Run Around -- the kids call me "Uncle Steve".  On those days I have the joy of interacting with them.  My objective is enrichment and to foster condifidence, achievement and self esteem.  We play, we read stories, we sing and dance.  We play outdoors as much as possible, in "the fort", with wagon rides and shared pushing/pulling, water play, catching/throwing games, finding leaves, flowers, worms and bugs.  It's pretty awesome to watch the children learn and grow from week-to-week.


I've been an educator most of my life -- as a big brother with five siblings, as a sailing instructor for kids and adults, as a little league coach, as an assistant professor of math and computer science at CUNY, and now at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, teaching data analysis and research methodology to MD/PhD candidates.  I also teach kayaking skills and am an ACA-certified Coastal Kayaking Trip Leader. 


I've raised two wonderful sons (now ages 30 and 33). My boys were in daycare from the age of 3 months. They benefitted enormously from the attention of early childhood educators -- which is why we've focused on recruiting staff with that training and experience.  My sons are very social and responsible to their friends --  which I attibute in part to their group daycare upbringing.  As a daycare parent, I know the importance of being confident in the people taking care of my children and secure in the place where they spend a lot of time.  I view the daycare-parent relationship as a team enterprise with a very important mission.  I'm committed, as is Victoria and our wonderful staff, to frequent and effective communication with parents as we work together to foster the safety and development of your kids.

I recently graduated from Medgar Evers College with an honors degree in Accounting. I was the first in my household to graduate with a Bachelors degree. I am currently working on my Masters Degree at LIU, to be able to work with children and children with special needs.

My goal is to impact the lives of children. I believe education is one of the most important tools a person can have in life.  Every child deserves to receive the best education possible and be placed in the least restrictive environment in order to gain necessary life skills. One of my personal goals is to teach a child to do something that no one thought the child would be able to learn.

I am a qualified early childhood professional. I have been selected not only because of my knowledge and experience in the field of early childhood education, but also because my personal philosophy and teaching style is compatible with the Kids Run Around approach.

I'm a mom.  I believe that learning is a life-long process, for children as well as for adults.

Meet Our Team

Victoria Olson

Loryanne Gines

Steve Ellis

Rahman Ross

I'm Melody Bates, and I'm a teacher, actor, and writer based in Brooklyn.  I have taught for over ten years at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, where I created the drama program for 4th-8th grade students.  In collaboration with my teaching partners at the school, I have pioneered a drama-based learning curriculum that applies Montessori principles to the performing arts and fosters a life-long love of learning. At BHMS I currently teach and direct a year-long immersive Shakespeare Collaboration that culminates in a full production in which students participate as actors, designers, and crew.


I have taught drama at every level from pre-school to grad school, and bring a passionate interest in individual learning styles to my work as an educator. In my non-academic life I am a busy actor and writer, frequently acting on the Metropolitan Opera stage and playing a lot of Shakespeare at the Stonington Opera House in Maine, where I also serve on the Artistic Advisory Board.


I'm a big fan of the work Victoria and the Kids Run Around team are doing, and I'm excited to offer my expertise to helping design a fun and engaging learning program for the children they serve.

Melody Bates

Curriculum Consultant

Hi, I'm Victoria, principal owner and onsite provider at Kids Run Around Daycare.

I bring a wealth of experience with human bodies and brains as a health care provider in New York City for 20+ years, working in postural awareness, injury rehab, and muscle/movement re-education.

 I am delighted to turn my attention to children in their formative years!  I relish the opportunity to provide nurturing contact, promote attention and awareness to care of their bodies and minds, and help set them on a path of healthy balance throughout their lives.

 Our daycare provides a robust environment that allows kids to develop their abilities in full.  We have great adventures!  We run, jump, throw, climb, discover, explore.  We build up and knock down, we fill and pour.  We read stories and take flight in our imaginations.  We eat healthy meals and snacks.  We take ourselves (safely) to the limits, and then...it's naptime.

Hello my name is Rahman!  I’m a certified Teacher Assistant and a professional Child Care Provider going on five years.  This Fall I’ll be continuing my education in Early Childhood Education at Brooklyn College.

I enjoy sharing my unique experiences with KRA.  My experience with kids comes a long way, I have three daughters and seventeen nieces & nephews.  Being around kids has taught me patience and that at times you have to put yourself in their little shoes.

One of the things that makes me smile when working with kids is to know that while they all may not be paying attention at once, they’re all listening.  That lets me know I’m doing something right.

My favorite thing to do with the kids is arts & crafts, they learn to use shapes & numbers in an artistic way.  Also they get the feel of different kinds of material.  The concentration at a kids art table is serious, the look on their little faces is like they’re working on a serious master blueprint. 

Their personalities are past the moon, they’re just little adults finding their way.  What I hope for all the kids I work with is that when they transition into the next chapter of their little lives, they know it’s ok to fly a kite, jump in puddles, pretend, build a fort, play in the rain, run around barefoot and imagine.  I wish for them to dream big and whatever they decide to be in life, to make sure it makes them happy.